We (with Emily Coates)

Tree stories and ecological rituals. Star dances and scientific instrumentation. These interlocking dance journeys by two choreographers take us inside out, outside in, and face to face with our planetary crisis.
Through site-specific dance, Cambodian classical forms and inter-disciplinary elements, dancer/choreographers Emily Coates and Emmanuèle Phuon unpack humanity’s ongoing struggle to fully grasp and represent the environment. Each evening-length program is made up of indoor and outdoor sections that connect dance to scientific discovery and reflect on themes of animism and astronomy. From ancient Egyptian astronomer-priests practicing a “star dance” around their temple altars, to narratives of land use and abuse that flicker through the Reamker, the two dance artists guide us on a collective choreographic journey through the connections and rifts between nature and our human understanding.
Direction & dramaturgy: Vincent Dunoyer
Choreography: Emmanuele Phuon
Performed by: Emmanuèle Phuon, Amelia Dawe Sanders, Chumvan Sodhachivy

All photos by Chris Randall