We (Adoration of the Earth)

A juxtaposition of works by Emmanuele Phuon and Emily Coates, We is a multi-artist, hybrid performance/lecture utilizing text, video, installation and the body. The pieces cohabit in two separate evening-length events that connect the theatrical stage to outdoor milieu, offering different inquiries and aesthetics on themes of rituals, history, and science.
Trees stories and ancient rituals. Connecting the animism in Cambodian cosmology with personal history and environmental sciences, We (Adoration of the Earth) reflects on ways to connect with our natural world in light of today’s new climate crises.
Direction & dramaturgy: Vincent Dunoyer
Choreography: Emmanuele Phuon
Performed by: Emmanuèle Phuon, Amelia Dawe Sanders, Chumvan Sodhachivy

We is the community of the living, among which humanity has been fumbling since the dawn of time with its words, rites, music, poems, and dreams. We is also what human beings are capable of inflicting on the living. The indescribable.

All photos by Chris Randall