We (Sacrifice)

A juxtaposition of works by Emmanuele Phuon and Emily Coates, We is a multi-artist, hybrid performance/lecture utilizing text, video, installation and the body. The work is ultimately about human and artistic struggles to represent and connect with our natural world.
Centered around the sentient body and involving audience participation, We (Sacrifice) revives ancient ecological interconnections and beliefs in a secular ceremony for the environment, fit for the here and now.
Direction and dramaturgy: Vincent Dunoyer
Choreography: Emmanuele Phuon with Amelia Dawe Sanders
Performed by: Amelia Dawe Sanders and Emmanuele Phuon
Sound design: Zai Tang

WE is an incredible evening of storytelling in movement and context. Our memories are provoked by common human emotions shared in the work and we leave with a heightened sensibility of the impact of stories we may never know. This work feels powerful and necessary. It is both immediate and primordial at the same time.

All photos by Ben DeFlorio